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Roof Selections

Built-Up: commonly used in commercial roofing, economical, durable, low maintenance, and excellent waterproofing protection.

EPDM: relatively inexpensive and offers resilience, tensile strength

TPO: highly resistant to wind, other weather factors, and chemical exposure

PVC: durable, leak-proof, highly resistant to wind, rain, other weather factors, and fire

Modified Bitumen: durable, long lasting, high tensile strength, resistant to wind, fire, and hail

Metal Roofing: withstands winds up to 120 mph, reduces cooling costs, qualifies for the EnergyStar tax credit

Commercial and Industrial Roofing

Commercial and industrial roofing projects often require distinctive materials, structural durability, and design elements. To meet these needs, Ron’s Restoration and Services, LLC has created a commercial roofing division that offers a wide variety of commercial roofing services and solutions to suit your commercial property needs.